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    hello I need to decide which furnace to install at basement: Bryant plus90i or Comfortmaker VS9. Both hvac installers provides 5 year labour/parts warrenty. Beside the big price difference ($1800), it has about 4%AEUE difference. It seems that, if purely based on these two differences, it does not worth to go with Bryant in money sense. There must be more differences that i do not know but they may be important during decision-making. Could some one provide any advice on this? thanks.

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    Could some one provide any advice on this? thanks.


    my advise would be this.


    those of us that post here often, respect those rules as should everyone , afterall you did agree to abide by the rules of the site , didnt you?

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    The price difference is likely in the costs of the contractors overhead and more importantly the "install" and service provided after the sale,the higher price could be well worth it.

    Ask the guy with the higher price ,what makes them worth it ,my thouhts are just a guess.

    Many people end up on this site after going with the low bidder.

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    Check the bids carefully to be sure both are doing the same. Skipping things like chimney liner for the water heater if applicable, or reusing a cheap stat instead of putting in a 2 stage thermostat. Maybe the Bryant bid includes the Evolution control.

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    bryant is one of the best units available. equipement usually prices are usually fairly close. some contractors price equipment with bare bones and leave off a lot. some like quality installs and will leave nothing off, some will be high priced and very low quality and some will be low priced and high quality.
    you have to decide whos more honest.
    if you knew the one who knows everything you could ask him, but if not youll have to go it alone.

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