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    Janet, Luskers right. You have to hit the reply button, that, and as usual alot of the replies aren't worth reading. This is a rough bunch, they hate HO's (home owners) they just prefer to call them HO's. They really hate the ho's that have some knowledge,(even those that are smart enough not to hurt themselves or someone else are stupid in their eyes and minds. Worse yet is the homeowner who has virtually the same knowledge but doesn't have, or chooses not to have, the equipment to do it. I read here the other day, one of them equated himself to a doctor. Thats right, the field of medicine. That would fit though, alot of these clowns, have no bedside manner. Not many manners at all really. I check here not to glean information,(I tried that once, it got polluted very quickly) but for entertainment. There are some good ones here, it doesn't take very long to find/ figure out who they are.

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    Originally posted by cem-bsee
    for 45y, I checked for voltage from phase to neutral, as well as from ph to phase, ph- ground, neu- gn!! sure helped troubleshooting

    I have no doubt that you know to disconnect the cch, and make sure no other device could be suppling 120volt from the other leg.

    But, the average ho won't know what to look for, and could do some real harm to themselves.

    Deiago is a not an hvac pro, just a ho, trying to give technical advise.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Deiago is a not an hvac pro, just a ho, trying to give technical advise.

    thats what we need here , An expert- HO- giving advise to another Ho that could easily get themselves hurt playing with 240 vac

    I couldnt help but notice that someone actually told her to change the cap------without mentioning the danger in doing so and the electricial charge that a live cap contains

    (shaking my head)

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