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    Could be you fan is running on too high of a speed. Most of the time, the fan will be set on high for cooling because the ductwork is incorrect and an attemp is made to push "more" air. The problem this causes is the air moves past the coil too fast and dosen't have a chance to dehumidity like it could. Have a technician check the temperature drop across your coil and if necessary, adjust the airflow accordingly.

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    Originally posted by travisfl
    Originally posted by teddy bear
    I visited with a friend from Tampa who related that it's boring, "45%RH all the time" after adding 100 pints of dehumidification.
    Your friend from Tampa has a broken or badly oversized A/C system. This time of year in Florida a well-designed and properly sized A/C system should easily achieve < 50% RH without the need for supplemental dehumidification.
    You are right. The dehumidifier doesn't run much right now. But it gets a good workout during cool damp weather. You are a little sensitive. I will be a little more careful next time. TB

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