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    I need help, i have never played or even watched football, i am a soccer player. Go ahead and make fun if you need to. Any way, my son is playing his first year of football and is only 70lb and is on a 120lb team (by age requirements) and is scared to death to tackle or be tackled. I sugested maybe this is not his sport but he wants to play.
    So any advice on how A. to teach him to tackle and B. how not to be afraid.
    Everytime he does a tackle drill he turns sideways stops and stands on his tippy toes, of course this gets him hit in his kedneys. Also when its his turn to tackle he looks as if he is trying to hug the kid.

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    Tell him to get low and put his helmet in the guys crotch, soon he will be feared and respected...........good luck.
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