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    I'm asking this question for a number of reasons, and I wanted to get some opinions from the pros here.

    What should a homeowner expect from a PM contract. It seems that there is a bit of a conflict of interest when the same company that installs systems, is responsible for keeping them running. I once talked to a commercial tech that said he cleans coils with an acid that he purposely leaves on the equipment longer than he should. When the coil goes bad he replaces it. When the compressor goes bad he replaces it. A good gig if you can get it, I guess, but how does he sleep at night (unfortunately well, I imagine, on his expensive down pillows and comforters).

    I make it clear to PM techs that I will not even allow their company to quote on a system or a major repair if it fails prematurely (and I know what is considered premature is debatable at times). By the same token, I think it makes some sense to grant the installing company the PM contract provided they make assurances against premature failure, but most really won't. They will just provide alleged discounts on repairs or parts.

    One of the reasons I ask this is because a friend's home service company (carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, gutters, etc) is considering getting into the HVAC business as a PM company only. My personal opinion on this is that they will only being asking for trouble, and that they would need to partner with a full service HVAC company for major repairs, who in most cases would resent them for taking away his easy money.

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    Pms, if done right can be very cost saving, but if you have a crook, like your friend you can be screwed. As for your carpet cleaning friend, tell him he would be safe being a filter changing only company instead of doing pms. A lot of larger businesses have companys that ONLY change filters and then call a pro when they need one. I use a independent company that backs up my pms with a warranty for the home owner.

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