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    I know I probably shouldn't be asking this kind of question, but I don't want to know everyone's wages.
    Just an approximation of what an entry level to 2 year experienced service technician would make in different parts of the nation.

    Ex. Northern California 2 years Experience $25 and up.

    I'm thinking on going to a local Junior College to get certified and then moving out of california. Its too expensive to live in this state and finding a home under $400 gets increasingly difficult. Anyone recommend a part of the US where the wages for a service technician and the cost of living are enough to live happily.

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    Question Affordability

    Originally posted by diegocentral
    N. Cal 2 years Experience $25 and up.

    I'm thinking on going to a local Junior College to get certified and then moving out of california.
    SW FL is NOT for you.
    You would be much better off in N. CAL.

    Real Estate price increases over the last 5 years
    in many parts of the country
    has effectively displaced MANY right out
    of this housing market.

    I think BOSS should weigh in
    on this thread as an Appropriate Use of his site.
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    2 - years experiance and making $25 and up. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. From what I see its geting worse everywhere. You talk about the huge housing costs in Calf. but look at what the cost are doing everywhere else that people are moving to, that are trying to get away from California's costs. Now in those states the housing costs and everything else is going way up and I dont see wages going up at all. Pretty much looks like all the rocky mountain states costs are going up pretty fast, being all the Californians are sell their shacks for millions and moving to cheaper places. I think its mainly the land and housing costs that are chewing everyone up being with the values going up the cities are looking at everyway to get more taxes out of you with any fee they can think of to pay for the influx of people trying to find their own little piece of land without the crowds. Yep it sucks but I dont have an answer other they stopping everyone from coming over the boarders. Oh ya and send the illegal ones back that are here now. Born here or not if you or your parents got in illegally, you should not become a citizen..... you broke the law. Oh well the politians have to get voters some way. Guess I got a little off track with that subject. YEP cost of everything is going up and I dont think Im going to get adopted by any Arab sheiks any time soon.......DAM

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    me think you should look into it a little better before you make plans to move. for some reason your facts seem a lot to high. as far as jersey goes 12 to 15 would be about all. make sure of your facts because even in cal i find it hard to believe and contractor will pay that much to a two year tech with out proving his ability to be of the same standarts of a senour tech

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    I'm thinking his price might have just been an example, not neccessarily a number someone told him?

    Anyway, around my area (Western SD) you can expect low to mid teen's for a starting wage.

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    The real question I have any many others is. Where can you move to and stay for 30yrs like your parents and grand parents did. Every time Ive moved is because of high taxation, high crime, section 8 housing that brings down property value, curropt politicians and school boards. I tell you where not to come, pennsylvania. Real world cost of living out pacing wages regardless of what you make. Low to mid teen area plus benefits that you contribute to.

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