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    I am from Tucson and have worked in this trade there, but it has been about 8 years ago. When I was there wages were low and work was sporadic. I was pretty green, so I never really had a grasp on the market. I am seeking information about the current market. My family that still lives there tells me that the evap to A/C ratio is changing and the qualified labor pool is dwindling. Any truth to that rumor?

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    Yes, but then pretty much all over the country it is tough to find qualified people. Go to the job section here or click on the link that is on the jobs page. Good luck.
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    Cool tucson

    I live and work here for asr in tucson and we have had a great year. lots of work if you want it we are need installers now.running an ad in paper as we speak,good techs can always find a for evap more than enought are still here i do both work is work and do some install when i have too.39 days of 100 plus temps makes for work if you have not been in the field for 8 years i would do some install to get back in the flow of tucson.


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