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    i live in south florida and am concerned with "clean air" in my house. teh ac is on constantly and my kids have bad allergies. I was told that i should install a uv light system on both my air handlers. any thoughts on uv filters? anything else i should add to my system?


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    read the IAQ forum at this site
    read info at
    read info at

    then you must decide --

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    UV lights are really good at doing what they do, but they only work with new or newly cleaned coils. The microbes that irritate those of us with allergies can hide from UV light under the thinnest coating of dust on a coil.

    Just curious poster; is your home free of scented items such as air freshners, fabric softeners, candles, deoderants, hair sprays, perfumes etc.?

    More children are having resperatory problems then ever before due to the toxins we introduce into the air. If something has a scent and it's not a flower, that scent is a chemical that is designed to linger in the air and be taken into our lungs.

    These chemicals also do harm to HVAC systems., and ye shall find;..
    So always seek the Truth, not just what you want to believe to be true…
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