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    Just looking for a little help on a buying decision.

    My 21-year-old heat pump died a week ago.

    The first unit proposed to me was the Carrier Infinity 13 packaged heat pump. After hours of research online, I've learned it is certainly one of the most advanced and best regarded units out there. But it's also VERY pricey -- like triple what I thought I would be spending. Even the dealer described it as a "Cadillac".

    It would be going into a 1,500 square foot vacation home in the desert where Summer temps hit 100-120 for several months.

    Is this unit overkill ... or would I be smart to buy it if I choose to afford it? If it's overkill, what should I consider in its place.

    Thanks for your thoughts in advance.

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    Hey, the Infinity can do some neat things. A person in a humid area may get more benefit because some of it is humidity control. But if you can afford it, go for it. A standard 13 SEER will be oodles less in bucks probably keep you just as comfy. Something you'll have to decide for yourself.

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    The higher the seer rating the more money saved on monthly electric bills. But the features put on a unit could be higher repair cost on the parts if they fail after the warrenty is up. For instent blower motor on a 90 gas furnace percent may cost 150 to 200 dallars installed. But on a varible speed motor on a 90 percent furnace with ecm may cost up to 500 to 700 dallars. so to me were is the saving when the warrenty runs out. Also think of 10 year warrenty. Its about 200 to 300 dallars more.

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    Today's consumers are getting better educated all the time and a lot of that is thanks to sites like this one. Still, many folks are unaware of many features and their benefits with HVAC products available today. It's a little like buying a car- ask yourself what you want your HVAC system to do for you. Only your neighbors will not be envious of the shiny thing sitting in the driveway. If the answer is 'just heat or cool my place', then compare that to your auto choices. If all you want is to get from here to there, then a used Geo will be cheap to buy and get you there. Now, do you want the ultimate in quiet and extreme comfort, efficiency, control, performance, etc?(Infinity) Or, how about a nicely equipped model instead?(two-speed furnace, 13 SEER AC). That's about the best I can do without seeing you and your home face-to-face and asking your needs. We just installed a 'Saturn' at repair shop last week, but the shop foreman is getting a really nice 'Buick' at his home this fall.

    Not a real accurate comparison, but hopefully I didn't just add to the confusion. What it really comes down to is you are buying an installation and service team. That is the biggest decision, followed then by the product they offer. Greg

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