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    If you are picking a VS handler to get 13 SEER for a design tonnage of 2.5 and the book says that there is
    (1) a TWE031 for nominal tonnage of 1.5-3 T with 31KBTU of cooling
    (2) a TWE037 rated for 2-3.5 with 37KBTU of cooling
    (3) and a TWE040 with nominal tonnage of 2-3.5T with 40KBTU of cooling,
    which one do you choose. I ask because one contractor specified the first and another the third. What goes into making the choice? Thanks

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    The humidity of your area is What should determine which one to use.

    Which would be indicated by a manual j load calc.
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    Assuming a 2A6H2030 outdoor unit, the 31 gives you 29600 total capacity, .75 SHR. The 37 gives 29000 total, .72 SHR which means considerably more latent or humidity removal. The 37 also hits 13 SEER. In the A-S spec sheet, they don't show using the 40 size. I'd use the 37 for the better humidity control personally unless in a really dry climate.

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