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    I am trying to buy a whole new AC/Gas Furnace split system for my home. My home is 2500sf. I currenly have 3.5ton and 2.5ton units. I live in Arizona and needless to say, AC usage is high.
    I have gotten quotes for Trane, Carrier, Rheem and Bryant. Because of cost, Trane is pretty much out of the running. The Rheem quote is for 14seer and I would much rather have a min of 16seer.
    The quotes for Carrier are for 16 seer, w/o the duel speeds etc and the quote for Bryant is for 19seer/Evolution series which had the duel speeds etc... I dont know what to go with. Every contractor I deal with tells me their product is best, and everything else is crap.
    This is going to set me back $ to $ I HAVE to make the right choice here!
    ANY ADVICE would be appreciated!!
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    Its not always all about the equipment, i would ask for some names of some past jobs and contact these people and ask about the experience and if they are happy with the job and service. Bryant and carrier are the same different label. Buy on good service good warranties, most of the equipment has the same parts.

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    I agree over my 20 yr career ive install almost every brand bryant/carrier&american standard/trane & rheem /ruud all good product you want to get referral and make sure your comfortable with imstalling company

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    Attached are 4 documents to help you become a more knowledgeable HVAC shopper and to help you make the decision that suits you best. Keep in mind that anybody who wants to hang out a shingle can call himself an HVAC contractor. There are many who've been in business for 20-years who still don't know how to properly charge a system or how to properly size a system. These are important considerations. As you've aptly pointed out, you're about to spend a lot of money on a single 'bet'. If you want to minimize the gambling aspect, I'd recommend you read the documents and implement the recommendations. They could save you a lot of money, angst and even help you sleep better! Literally, with more comfortable home. Good luck and happy shopping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mom2goldens View Post
    Every contractor I deal with tells me their product is best, and everything else is crap.
    Do yourself a favor and try to get away from the branding mindset. You need to find the contractor that you feel will do a great job for you and do all the things in skippedovers links. Once you find that contractor, then talk about equipment. Good contractors don't need to bad mouth the competition or other contractors. That's always been a red flag to me.

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