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    Maybe they should replace it with a Carrier, what with all the plastic parts they use now...

    I remember watching a 70's era movie called Kelley's Army (or something like that) where a motor pool GI was sending a Jeep home one part at a time...take a condenser from here, compressor there and a heat exchanger over there, before you know it you have a whole new RheTranCariTrol unit.
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    Talking Jeep Parts

    It was M.A.S.H. Radar sent a jeep back to his Uncle in Otumwa Iowa. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I have a head full of completely useless information.

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    I don't know about where you are, but in Louisville, KY mixed copper/aluminum brings 1.74 per lb. I scrapped out a 12 ton Carrier split condenser and a 8 ton rtu condenser last week due to ice damage from the winter, and got $196 all together, you have to remove the steel headers. I cut them off with a sawzall in about 5 min, and got 4.5 lb of #2 copper at $2.39 per lb. These prices are really making me re-think about scrounging again.

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    Re: Jeep Parts

    Originally posted by izabye
    It was M.A.S.H. Radar sent a jeep back to his Uncle in Otumwa Iowa.
    General Steele also said he would send one home to his wife in a crate marked "kitchen utensils" or something like that. Season 3 episode 1.

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    Many South East Dallas and vicinity areas could need an extra man just to watch the truck. There are some SE residential enclaves that are alright. I have told people in higher end parts of Dallas with sorry looking, but good running condensors, that thier unit could be be the SE Dallas special; too sorry looking to steal.
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    our company has a contract with a place called northcrest garden apartments. ive never been there and from what ive heard, dont want to go. they say that the maint guy has to go with you so no one screws with you. if i ever have to go over there, i'm gonna pack a '9'

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    Why Can't they take the units that don't work right? then insurance will cover it.
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    I wouldn't do that!

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    If more government is the answer, then it's a really stupid question.

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    Well, since the thread has already been resurrected, I will mention that it is Ottumwa Iowa, note the 2 "T"s. I regularly shop in Ottumwa, it is ~1 hour drive from me.
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