Have a Trane Intellipak SLHFC75 with supply and exhaust VFD operated motors, that was factory set-up for 200v/60/3..but was installed on a building which has a line source of 208-230/60/3. (More info here from my other question asked in the PRO technical forum of this site: http://hvac-talk.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=816032 )

The factory transformer has a primary spec'd source of 200v to 115v on the secondary. Getting about 123v off the secondary with the obvious higher than spec'd line voltage of 214v to the transformer.

It has a history of VFD's erratically locking out, mostly during unoccupied weekend parameters. I have NO history with this unit, just stopped by and looked at it the other day and noticed the voltage irregularities.

My question is, with the VFD's factory installed and most likely with factory set parameters by TRANE, can the higher secondary voltage off of the transformer have any ill effects or cause erratic issues? I am assuming not, but thought I would obviously ask. Just never in my career seen a 200/60/3 factory spec'd system.

I have sub-contracted Trane to send one of their specialists out to do a whole system diagnostic, which includes the BAC (Trane Tracer and TCI), Statictrac Controls, VFD parameters/programming, VAV's...etc. This is all rocket science to me, but I know after ten years of operation with little more than filter changes, greasing, belts, and erratic vfd faults..it is in need of a system check-out by someone much much more qualified than myself. Not that there is any major issues or complaints, just told the facility owner that it would be a good idea and beneficial to just have the brains of the system looked at and and tweeked if so needed.