Hello all,

I'm new colleague in the business, and i'd appreciate if you can help me out. I got some documentation with Siemens Equipment wish is planned for some object. I found all JCI equivalents expect for the following item :
Siemens MVF461H32-12.
Some of characteristics are :
• Short positioning time (<2 s), high resolution (1 : 1000)
• Selectable valve characteristic: Equal-percentage or linear
• High rangeability
• Selectable standard interface DC 0/2...10 V or DC 0/4... 20 mA
• Phase-cut signal input for Staefa controllers
• Position control and position feedback signal
• Wear-free inductive stroke measurement
• Spring return facility: A → AB closed when deenergized
• Low friction, robust and maintenance-free

Link with tech spec is here

Can any1 help me out, what's JCI equivalent for this ? Tricky part is position time <2s. It's used for installations with steam.

Thank you in advance!