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    I am bidding on a 20,000 sq ft house,yes 20,000 sq ft. The ho wants geothermal heatpumps with infloor heat in the whole house. I am half way through the bid and I am already over $200,000.
    We did a 7,000 sq. ft. house with infloor and gas furnaces for the a/c blower and reserve. It was well over $70,000.
    I don't know what the hell these people need these big friggin' houses for. Sorry, I got off the subject. The price all depends on the systems installed. By the way Baldie, we were requested to use ductboard in both of these houses for the insulation and accoustic properties.
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    Estimating in the BIG Ball Park

    Originally posted by durhas
    i know this is a broad question but can anyone guestimate for me the approx percentage of total cost range a first class forced air hvac system would be?
    ie if a house of 7000 sf cost 3mm,
    would one expect the range of the hvac cost to be in the 2 to 4% area or something else.

    x 0.03
    $90,000 In the Ball Park ... +/- 35%
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    Your market area will have a lot to determine the end price.
    Several yrs ago my equipment rep was involved with a 25,000 sf home. If I recall the largest HVAC Co. in central In. did the job. Combination of forced air & hydronics including the sidewalks and the 1/4 mile drive way with snow melt. The materials alone were over the amount you spoke of.

    Some like the challenge of bidding those jobs. I personally rather have an enima. I spent a week with a plumbing co during chrunch time bidding a 10 acre under roof climate controlled and specific air exchange bldg. We didn't get it even though I had a supposed "lock" on the job. They took the plumbing portion."Somehow" I lost it to a large union shop that wanted the job.
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