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    What does the York fossel fuel controll do on the side of their furnace. I see the controlls on the side with the wires from the stat going in and then the low voltage comes out and goes to board on furnace. How and what do they do to the signals from the stat? Do they delay fan?
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    The main purpose of a fossil fuel control is to coordinate the usage of the fossil fuel furnace with the heat pump.

    Several factors are taken into consideration. The control is designed to be set up to make the best use of each heat source for your particular application while also protecting the heat pump from being damaged by the use of the furnace.

    Whenever the heat pump is operating, the control must coordinate shuting down the furnace at a point where there will not be an uncomfortable blast of cold air from the system but where excessive hot air is not introduced into the heat pumps coil that is in the ducting air stream.

    Some fossil fuel controls coordinate outside temperature with indoor load to best determine which heat source is best at what time., and ye shall find;..
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