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    Jultzya, No, none of the companies did a load calc. They all asked if the old system was providing satisfactory comfort. Since it was, they seemed to feel that they didnt need to do it. Is a load calc something that you would expect to be done on every replacement system?


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    Sounds like a good install to me. You won't be needing to replace for a long time. All that you learn now will be forgotten, by then. Have it serviced every year and you will catch any problems before they cause any damage.

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    Yes, it should be... who knows whether the old equipment was sized to your home?

    It may have been preformed then, it may not have, or it could have been figured wrong at that time.

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    I personally recommend a load calc on all jobs but if the customer just wants the system replaced with the same I for go it. I do also explain the benifits of higher end stuff that will save you money for years after I've done my job and gone. If making a change like that then I require a load calc. As far as your question of replacing the line set, purely a judgement call.
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    Originally posted by core

    "If it took me 10 Hours to pull your system down to 1000 Microns (which by the way is my perferred evacuation) would you be willing to pay $95.00 Hr for this job?????

    You should charge more, and pull a real vacuum, 1000 microns isn't deep enough.
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    Hmm line set

    i also prefer to replace line-set when possible. sometimes replacing the line-set is just not possible to go back in the same space, not w/o thrashing the something.

    since the system was replaced due to leaking equipment, there really shouldn't be any contaminants in the line-set. may be a little residual oil that was trapped in a low spot. i am usually more concerned with corrosion from years of service, especially the suction line which is exposed to water constantly from condensation. also possible kinks in the line-set from when it was originally installed. they were splicing 7/8" soft copper, pretty easy to deform that stuff when trying to bend it. i find more kinks in the suction line where the line-set enters the attic space via gable end or roof eave. i use a ratcheting hand bender to make those turns. only a few more minutes to braze in an elbow then armorflex, glue & tape.

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