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Thread: Lennox AC-noise

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    I just had a Lennox 13acc-024 installed in my home and noticed the following. It makes a low bass sound ,going whoom whoom whoom,that I can hear from the farthest room in the house. Also, when i go outside and put my hand on it, the sound goes away. I noticed the unit is sitting on molded pad and it is not fastened to it. There are rubber pads under each foot. Is the unit supposed to be fastened to the pad in some way? Also, the lines coming into the house go through a concrete block wall with chaulking around the lines. Should that have some kind of vibration dampener so the sound won't travel through the walls? Besides that, the house stays cool and I have no other problems. The installer told me that it is supposed to be that loud but then why is it quieter when I put my hand on it??

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    That is a small, light cabinet with a scroll compressor. The compressor makes a washing machine sound that can be transmitted into the piping and the cabinet itself. I would recommend removing the rubber isolation pads from under the unit. The mass of the pad absorbs some of that vibration. Also break out a 1/4" nut driver and make sure all of the screws are tight. Sometimes I have to put an extra screw in the center of the electrical panel cover to keep it from rattling. If the noise is being carried by the piping, putting your hand on the unit wouldn't stop the noise, but make sure the refrigerant piping isn't firmly attached to a floor joist or setting on a wall penetration.

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