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    I have, one of many window units, a Frigidaire 12-15k btu (is that the right lingo). Its fairly new. It is getting power, it sounds as though it wants to run, but there is no fan? I was wondering if this might be a simple belt or something more extensive, better to replace for now.

    Signed, I know nothing about power, marji

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    no belt it is direct drive
    you will need to call for service

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    window A/c not working

    Should I bother servicing it, or should I just replace it.

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    anything can be fixed its just how much you want to spend to get it running

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    I just bought 3 window units for $19, one of them a 12 year old 10 seer 15,000 btu model. Look around for used ones, it's probably cheaper than fixing yours.

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    While it's a fairly new 15,000 btu unit, it won't be worth a service call + parts IMO. I would call your local tech hvac school and see if they'll look at it for you(you bring it to them) as part of a lesson to their students(don't work on window A/Cs ) It might be worth the price of a small electrical part to fix.
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