Hi to everyone, im new on the site and in this kind of controller, as matter of fact this is my first steps on carrier controllers, after searching i cant find and answer, so if someone can help me i would apreciate it.

My problem its that when I scan the bus the Confortview only find my CCN over ethernet box (i have put the correct ip and set it as gateway) and nothing else, this is a new network to be set up.

I have conected a digital thermostat to the 6400 and its working, i can see the temp in the display, so conection between 6400 and the the rest of the sensors / thermometers its ok

The bus

PC-ethernet cable-CCN over Ethernet Box-CCN bus cable-6400 module.

The thing is that in the CCN/Ethernet box dont blink the COM1 led, and in the 6400 dont blink the yellow led, so i think its a comm problem between the CCN box and the 6400.

Now my question is... I have to set up something first in the 6400 before put it in CCN network or i have passed out something in the manual.

Thanks in advance

PS: sorry for my bad english