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    I am about to replace the furnace and the AC unite. The furnace is going to be 75,000 92% with seal combustion.
    The installer wants to install a 10 SEER condensing unite with model # HAC030AKC4 and a coil model # EDP30F19C2. Is this a good combiantion on a 2 1/2 tons unite. I am located
    in the chicagoland are. Thanks for your comments!!!


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    Looks kosher to me.

    Both the coil and condenser models numbers indicate 30K btu.No problem.

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    So, the furnace is a H9MPD075F12B (single stage)?
    I'd personally opt for a furnace upgrade to a 2-stage unit.

    The 10 seer is ok (the HAC is a good model), but the TXV coil EXD30F19C would be better for humidity control and efficiency.

    Have you had a 'load calc' done on your home?

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    thanks for the comments,
    I would asked about upgrading to the TVX coil. He was the only installer who perform a J manual calculation and measure the size of the windows and amount of insulation in the attic.

    Thanks Guys!!!

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    Sounds like you got a winner.

    Now just don't be surprised if he is a little higher than the other contractors.

    Quality workmanship is PRICELESS!

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    Just checked yesterday and that is the exact same unit I have, however I have a 3 ton evap. I'm happy with the performance and cost of the system.

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