Have decided that I want to replace a dead 1988 Rheem AC unit and tired Rheem gas furnace split system with a 14 Seer 5T Amana unit with 92% variable speed 2 stage gas furnace. Thought that would be a nice upgrade.
A local HVAC contractor says 14 Seer units are only trouble and technology is really not there and that I should go with a 12 seer instead. He goes on saying 92% variable speed furnace may save gas $$ for a while but when it breaks down, part replacement is 5-10 times the cost despite a manufactures warrenty like the Amana lifetime warrenty so any savings to that time will evaporate.
It just so happens, he installs Frigidaire and I don't think they even offer the high efficiency models but am not sure. He said they do when asked.
Is this fellow stretching the truth a bit?