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    I have a XL14i Heat pump/Ac with a XL90 gas furnace and a 3 ton coil it says the xl14i has a 2 speed fan but I never hear it change speeds and what the purpose of a 2 speed fan? Also my gas furnace changes fan speed when it comes on but the AC fan speed never changes, is this right? One of the reasons I ask is my humidity level stays around 55-58% in the summer(our first in the house) and around 40% in winter with Honeywell furnace humidifer. How can I tell if the fan speed is set right or does it need to be lower, unit runs about 10 minutes on 10 minutes off and is there a quick check to see if I'm getting to many air changes or to much outside air filtering inside?

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    From what I can tell, you'll hardly hear the difference in speed. I played with an Am-Std 14 SEER, really the only way I noticed it switch to high was the clicks of the relay on the board.

    On some brands, the difference in speed is more noticable. 2 speed motors help quiet the unit in mild weather.

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    I forget the temperature cutoff, but in hot weather the condensor fan will be running in high speed all the time. It will also run in high speed whenever there is a call for cooling.
    It only runs in low speed during calls for cooling in mild weather.

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