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    My kitchen exhaust fan is leaking air like I have a window open...what do I do?

    Hello everyone,

    My kitchen exhaust fan is leaking cold air from outside. It's really cold here in Chicago, so it's like we have a window slightly opened. So what can I do?

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    You need to determine if there is a one-way damper in the vent system. Usually they are installed at the outlet of the hood fan, but there could be one at the termination to outside. If this was left out then there is nothing to stop the outside air from coming in when the fan is off.
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    Why is the air coming in and not going out? Is it always the same or does it get worse when it is colder?
    Ask yourself this question. Why is the air entering my house through my kitchen exhaust vent? Now, if you don't know why, then its time to research. First, read up on the chimney effect. Then ask yourself how you can remedy the problem. Knowledge is key. To fix, first you need to understand. Good luck.
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