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    Wiring a Andover i2866 SEE PIC

    Hey...been awhile...I work at Kennesaw State and would like to know if anyone has had any great success on wiring the older i2866 andover controller. It is not the new white ones...the older (few years older) i2866. We seem to be having issues with the output and how to wire them up. Any help would be great. Thanks to all for the 4-2008 thread on the reclaimer units...they are working great!!

    Mike M.

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    What? Who? Where?
    Analog or digital outputs?

    If digital outputs they might be Triacs and can only switch AC. Also from memory the output switches the "common" side of the actuator or relay, with "hot" permanently wired to the field device.

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    Here's the manual

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    Thanks for the info!!

    Thanks for the two replies...great info!! Not much luck with TAC giving up info nowadays...thanks again..

    Mike Morton

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