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    I just started about a month ago at hvac company as a helper. I had minimal experience. My question is, what do you expect from a new helper? Everyone says i am doing fine but i just want to know what everyone expects. thanks

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    A good helper would anticipate his mentors moves. Such as having the right tools layed out for the job. Being tidy and puting things back where they came from. Best of luck!
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    the best helpers i have ever had have:
    had truck clean by time i was done with the bill
    had all the tools at hand when i needed them
    asked questions to learn how to do a job faster
    done simple tasks when not needed (like wire in a stat or strip wire that needed hooked up)
    you should be able to identify all the tools needed in the field know where they go and point out when truck stock is low

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    Make sure you can identify tools and ask questions all the time.

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    Keep ears open, eyes peeled ask questions and ask to troubleshoot and repair anything you think you may be able to handle without getting in over your head (with supervision of course). This shows initiative and desire to learn.

    Good Luck!!

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