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    Does anyone know how/what port needs to be opened for HVACPro and/or Loader UI need to have opened to see supervisory device when accessing through firewall via ADS external IP? JCI support says it doesnt work yet even inside firewall IP(???), but I use them all the time in a UI window via ADS internal IP, since Rev 1.0.1. So they are even more lost than I. I know sct needs to be loaded on PC before passthru works. Any thoughts? Im guessing its a firewall issue????

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    Is this a firewall that is built into the modem or router Firmware? Or is this a software Firewall?

    If it is a Router Firewall, Simply access the firewall under Admin. and move the specific IP outside of the firewall into the so called DMZ zone....That should get the system to work at least and confirm that the problem is indeed the firewall.


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