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    Earlier this summer, I had written about my Trane XL14i system, regarding Comfort-R, jumper settings, and humidity. The technician had made several changes
    and the system seems to be running better
    1) jumpered Y to O for Comfort-R
    2) slowed down the blower motor to 350cfm
    3) adjusted dampers to equalize upstairs and downstairs airflow

    The system has no problem cooling the house to 72-73 degrees on hot 90+ days. I have found that the humidity level much lower when the fan is running in the auto position as opposed to on - 48-50% vs 58-62% - I notice water in the pipe from the air handler that leads to the outside gutter for drainage. I have never seen any water in the safety pan underneath the airhandler. Could slow drainage account for such a difference in humidity level?

    I have been outside more the last few weeks and have noticed the compressor making a loud grrrrr sound when it first starts up (about 5 -10 seconds). It quiets right down and then all you hear is the fan. You don't hear it in the house, and I really never noticed it before. Is this normal? Didn't want to call the technician and take him away from someone whose system is not running at all.

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    Fan on will increase house humidity.

    On a scroll, they can be a bit noisy for the first 5-10 seconds and quiet down. Doesn't sound like anything to worry about.

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