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    We are in the process of replacing our gas furnace. The old one was about 20 yrs. old. We've decided on a contractor who deals in Carrier but I'm trying to decide which model. 80% 2 stage furnace, what I'm trying to decide is the 2 speed model or the variable speed. I live in Central NJ around Trenton. I understand the arguments for the variable but I don't entirely understand the workings of a 2 speed fan. Will both help with air stratification? Are variable speed fans prone to needing repairs? Am nitpicking too much for the difference of $700? The 2 speed will cost around $3000 and the variable about $3700. Any help, thoughts, suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

    jkmind in Central NJ

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    no pricing questions. read forum rules.

    v/s blowers work well in really humid climates.

    2 speed blowers will have different speeds for heat and cooling.

    when the v/s fan does break it won't be cheap.


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    Buy the 2 stage 80% best value for your money unless you want to step up to a 90%. Ask for carrier cool cash.

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    One advantage of a variable speed is that it sets its speed to provide the desired airflow regardless of ductwork, condition of filter, size of return grille, etc. Too little airflow can crack the heat exchanger over time. Too much airflow can cause condensation and rusting of the flue. So I think they are a good idea.

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