Earthquake proof gas line
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    Just thought it was interesting. It would have been a whole lot cheaper just to hard pipe that line.

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    That's the new line running to? I would of T off inside of the house than near the meter..

    The yellow gas flex is getting pretty common.

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    I bet that never saw an inspection. In Memphis, we can run that inside, but have to hardpipe anything outdoors. Yeah woulda been a whole lot easier to hardpipe it. Those compression fittings are about 8 bucks a piece.

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    Here in Alberta, Can. We can use Gas-Tite, only if it's protected from potential mechanical damage on the outside. But it's more common to just hard pipe it. Our inspectors, would likely give it a 'thumbs down' in this case.

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    We supply an apartment complex in NJ that ran Ward-flex from the outside meter sets, along the outside walls, to each apartment.......don't want to know how that got approved

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    Thumbs up

    look beter too. the rust from the termination fitting is only going to get worse and run down the wall

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