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    Carrier 30gxn question

    Hi there, i am working on a Carrier 30GXN-114 and i am getting alarm T051 "high motor current"

    In the manual, under probable cause it says "Operation beyond chiller capability, improperly punched configuration header,blown fuse"

    Now i have checked the configuration header and ensured it was punched out properly according to the appendix in the manual and everything checks out ok, what i am wondering is what fuse are they talking about? Is it right on the CCP board? do any of you guys know where it is? and if that fuse is ok, do you guy shave any other suggestions about what the problem could be?

    Any help is much appreciated!

    Thanks guys

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    A blown line voltage fuse that would cause the motor current to go high. What is the amperage on the compressor? Locked up?

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