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    my father in law is going to Malta at the end of the month and is VERY hesitant to fly.

    With this crash I'm thinking he may cancel,

    its where we fly out of

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    Tell him to get on a Plane or his arms are gonna get tired.

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    Tell'im that crash happened on this end, not the other.

    When I was service tech for a manufacturer, I used to flit around like a bumble bee, tools et al. Okay, flit is a poor choice of words.

    Sat in a 747 in Vanc once for 8 hours due to "technical difficulties" after about 3 no-one had alot of faith in that bird. A collective sigh of relief was felt when they through us on a charter 707.

    Worst flight was coming back from Barbados in the dark once...another 707...we were sitting right in the back. Got into turbulence...we could look straight up the isle and see the plane twisting like a torsion rod, I mean you see it in the movies but this sucker had to have been twisting 30-40 degrees nose to tail and rippling through as well. Wiffle was in tears as was most girls on the flight. So much for a Caribbean suntan. I just kept saying "oh yah, aluminum can twist even farther dear" as I kept checking myself.

    George Kennedy had it right though, one of the toughest planes built.
    Is this a Fabreze moment? C.Y.D. I'm voting white elephant. 2.
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