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    Can someone tell me what cooling capacity a 38vh005300 condensing unit has. And by the way, how do you read the model number or where can I go to look this up?

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    Must be a recent model.
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    not that new. looks like it has been in service for a while and not serviced recently. I'm sure it is twice as big as it needs to be. But what size is it?

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    does the evap coil have a number or the furnace.
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    This is definitely a mixed bag. I would say the evap coil is from Lennox, the furnace is a rheem, and the condensing unit is carrier. If we can't read the model number, we can't get it right.
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    that thing has got to be over twenty years old.It was more than likely put in by rule of thumb do a load calc.....when all elese fails compressor ratings are easier to find it seems to me.
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    It was a top of the line "Roundone" ,way back when,005,is nominal 4 tons.

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    I have done the load calc. Results - 2 tons. That explains why there is a 4 ton unit on the pad. I am so tired of this. There are way too many rule of thumbers in this state.

    I just need to make sure when I replace this furnace, that I get as much airflow as I can out of it, so the AC doesn't get too unhappy and cause me a bunch of call backs.

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