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    Hi, we are going to replace the ventfree n/g logs with vented n/g logs in our home. Any recommendations as to the best as far as quality, appearance - what to look for? Our fireplace was an original woodburner but the previous owner installed ventfree natural gas and now we want to replace them. We really don't want to rely totally upon the salesperson's opinion.

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    you know gas log sets don't really provide any heat right?

    I would recommend a nice insert instead. A lot of gas logs now want the damper jammed in the full open position now, which could cause cold air issues in the winter if you are in a cold region.

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    I agree with previous reply that most vented logs do not put out much heat, but they most often look a lot better than the unvented. You will have to keep your damper open while burning.

    If you have a prefab fireplace (metal box with or without refractory sides, bottom and back) stick with the vented logs.

    IF you have a masonry firebox, look into Heatnglo inserts. They are totally sealed and use only outside air for combustion through a two aluminum flex pipe system to a special cap at the top. They put out a tremendous amount of heat and look very good. They are also 3-4 times the cost of the vented logs, but you will definitely get more heat... if that is important to you.

    Heatnglo also sells the vented logs, so check their website for pictures and specs.

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    DJ,if your original fireplace was designed for vent-free(no class A pipe thru ceiling and roof)you cannot,you must not change to vented logs.
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    Absolutely agree. You may not see any references to class A chimney on the pipe or cap, but if there is a manufacturer's name, like Majestic or Superior, etc, they make their own pipe to fit their own pre-fab vented fireplaces and usually that is the only product the vent is approved for.

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    Cool UL 127

    UL 127 is the listing for factory built wood burning fireplaces. Regardless what you burn (vented or ventfree/ wood) it must be properly installed-period. If this is a ventfree universal box then of course it can only take VF and only those logs it was tested with.

    Not all UL 127 factory built Fps can accept VF logs. There is an optional portion of 127 for VF but some Mfrs. such as Heatilator and Heat & Glo deliberately decline to run that test and admonish you not to install VF in their Fps. To do so is to transfer liability and assume the risk.
    FYI, "Class A" chimney is listed to UL:103 HT and for use with woodstoves or as "all fuel" for heaters. It is not suitable for 127 Fps. They each have their own proprietary chimney and you cannot mix & match.

    One correction: you shouldn't open the damper before burning vented gas logs. It should already be wide open or removed per ANSI Z21.60 and the Gas & Mechanical codes.

    I'm with JTP on the HG inserts. Its the only way to fly (admittedly biased opinion!)

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