Hello. Please someone must advice me before I go crazy.

I live on a third floor condo unit.the AC is inside the condo, this what has been done, by a HVAC tech.

• I did a flush back in the coil, using a 50 PSI. Both supply water and return water came out rusty, muddy and with tiny pieces of stone.
• The supply water came out at 48 grades Fahrenheit, which is good, but the pressure on the supply water is slower.
• The two pipes –supply and return were closed and a flush back was done only on the coil and the coil was open both sides – return and supply.
• Then I opened the supply water and the water came out less muddy, but I still had slow PSI problem.
• Then I open the return and we did the flush back to the coil again and the return water had less muddy water than the supply. In the return PSI looked much better.
• Then I opened the two valves –supply and return- and flushed back the coil out with the two valves open and the water seemed to come out clear, BUT I was still having the same problem with the coil that was no cooling.
The discharging temperature was still the same as we begin, which was 69 Fahrenheit.

Now the follow is what management tells me to do, bottom line is NO ONE wants to perform what managements requests me to do in order for them to solve my problem.

There is a blockage in your coil and no bleeder valves on either end of your coil to flush the coil out, it would appear to me that the only solution would be to cut the coil at the point where the blockage appears to be, remove the blockage and solder the coil back together.

Again, no HVAC company wants to deal with it, because that issue will return and then they will have to fix it again, again and again.

Please any good advice will be appreciated . Thank You!!