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    I have a variable speed kithen exhause fan. Sometime people uses the range and don't turn on the fan.

    I want to have the fan turn-on automatically at various speeds depending on needs.

    I was thinking having a temperature sensor control the speed of the fan. Higher temp - higher speed.

    spec: 120v fan

    assumption: fan speed is varied by cutting the frequency.

    question: is there small device (like a head pressure control by slowing down the condensor fan) that will vary the freq base on temp?

    I would like to have some flexiblity in defining the range. For example; at < 95 degree, disable fan
    at 95 degree, run at 10 hz
    at > 120 degree, run at 60 hz.

    this should be fun.

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    WOW lots of time on your hands or what???
    No offense!!!!!!

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    AC Tech makes some small afordable vfd's and you could control this with a Johnson A350P for speed from temps mentioned and A350 will enable start/stop.
    Just a thought.

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    Just yell at the people not turning the fan on when they cook and tell them if they keep it up they'll pay the electric bill for the added a/c usage. It took a couple of weeks with the wife but she finally remembers to turn the fan on!
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