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    Hello Retired..
    I have an infinity system with the same furnace. They just ripped out the four ton yesterday and upsized it to a five, I was having similar problems..Ran all the time on high speed, couldn't get below 77, ect..When they got all the old equipment pulled out, they had discovered the furnace blower had SUCKED the insulation off the cabinet side of the furnace, shredded it and coated nearly the entire evap coil. This wasn't the entire problem as they recalculated my house and discovered the four was too small but the other problem just made it worse. The guy couldn't believe it. The house is new, we moved in November 19th...So you might have them check it..That was not apparent till they got it all out...

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    carrier problem

    hmmm..interesting..I have 2 3 ton units though for 2800 sq ft and according to just about everything I can read its plenty of tonnage for the size etc..realizing there is more of a science to it..I think removing the TXV's includes removing the condensers..not sure..but I will ask about it..these puppies have only been in for a month..I do get great air flow though..I can feel the air in the non cool cycle which is the slowest fan speed and you can hear the whoosh when the air kicks in and can feel the air really good..but it's not cold..heck my lexus car air conditioner puts out colder air than this boat anchor sitting on the pad..I will give Carrier the benefit of the doubt and wait for the TXV(s..both units) to get replaced and see whats up but thanks for sharing that info!

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    Re: Carrier Problems

    Originally posted by retiredmxer
    I hope so. They are supposed to be here yet this week to install the new TXV's and we are hoping that it solves the problem and things smooth out. It panics me when you have two brand new units installed and they require 5 service calls in 3 weeks, have not worked right from the day they installed them and drove my utility bill into the stratosphere!We contemplated this to be an "improvement" and something that will last for the next 10 years or so..not a good start but we will see. We had options of Trane or Lennox and chose Carrier. We are hoping we didn't make the wrong choice right now. TX all.
    Believe me, I feel for you! There could be a number of things causing the problems with those units. If the coils came with the TXVs installed, both should not be bad. They usually are preset for a specific super heat setting. Their diagnosis may not have pin pointed the real culprits!

    The quality of the installation is far more critical than the choice of equipment brand!

    All companies should list the nominal temperature rise of the condenser discharge air as that will tell the tech and you the total latent and sensible heat the evaporator coil is tranferring to the condenser. Do some studying on A/C diagnostics.

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