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Thread: A/C not working

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    Last night I noticed that was house was getting rather warm. I tried to turn down my thermostat and the A/C never kicked on. Usually I can here the stat click and see the spark. This time nothing. I tried popping the breakers in my box, but that didnt do anything. I'm wondering if the stat is bad or if the problem is more serious. I called a few places and one said to hit the reset switch on the outside unit. I couldnt find it since that side is up against a tree. The outside unit is a rheem rpca-024jcs heat pump. any thoughts?

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    It could be any number of things. You need to have a tech look at it. There may not be 24vac present and they need to find out why.
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    Definitely call a tech. You can usually see a spark where? The condenser is up against a tree? 2 problems right there.
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    You can usually see a spark where? The condenser is up against a tree? 2 problems right there.

    If you can usually see a spark , thats not good and the tree? well if you cant get in there how will anyone else be able to?

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    usually when i turn the thermostat down to where it kicks everything on i could see a spark and here it click on. you can still get the access panel off to get inside the outside unit

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