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    Thinking about putting a 19xl series system in a house with gas heat and want to zone it. Trane distributor wants to sell me EWC controls. Looked at their web site and this stuff looks like junk. What is the IZS stuff like? Will the EWC control my variable speed fan? I'm in commercial service and like Varitrac but that would be a bit much to install. In my work experience if you have Trane equipment use Trane controls. I hear a lot of good things about Carrier's zone control but I dont't care for their equipment.

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    The variable speed blower controls itself. You have little say with a Trane besides using a humidistat to slow it down in humid weather. Biggest thing to look at with a zone panel is how it handles staging. Many use timers and then shut everything off if unit overheats or A/C gets too cold. You'll end up with a lot of inefficient cycling. Zonex's Digitrac 4+2 panel will throttle back to low rather than cycle off with low load. Honeywell's TZ4 will use % of zones calling to stage, which makes a lot of sense. Others may do similar but those are the 2 I know best.

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    EWC makes some good zone controls, the UZC series zone panel is the one I have used quite a bit.

    Trane's zoning system is much better, and is what I would recommend using. Trane is picky about who they sell the zone control system to, at least in my area. Only a small minority of Trane dealers are authorized zoning dealers.
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