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    Fan running backwards

    I recall having a sympton like this. In my case the IFM run cap was bad. It seems the blade was occasionally spinning backwards due to the wind. Basically the fan ran in whatever direction it was spinning on a cool for cooling.

    It is possible the capacitor combination is misswired, leaving the 5 mfd out of the circuit.

    Good luck....

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    If you're going back over take the correct capacitor with you......
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    Thanks , I thought that was the case

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    I went back today and got the right Capacitor, a 35/5 and did it right. Fan runs the right way and pressures are 70/225. It's cooling in the house and things are good. My partner is too big-headed to admit he crossed a wire. I think he had the fan and commom wires crossed, or maybe the fan wasn't getting the Capacitor, IDK.

    thanks for the tips, and some helpful answers.

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    Nothing wrong with putting 2 caps together to get the required mfd.
    But, next time, use you cap meter to make sure your getting the required mfd, before you start the unit.

    Just a good double check, never know when you get a weak cap from factory.

    Ct2, no problem.
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