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    Originally posted by steamer

    By the way Cute Kids, hope they enjoyed and appreciated Dads time off, wait till they get 17/18, then we all become just blurs and cash machines,lol, mention a 140 degree attic to them, all ya get is, does the car have gas in just keep replying to my daughters, Just wait, just wait.hehe

    They already try to use me for a cash machine at 8/10, what are you thinking 17/18????

    The 10 yr old expects me to PAY her for doing certain chores that I think she should do simply as her chores!

    I took her DVD player with us to use in the hotel room. It was already half way disfunctional. Anyway it BROKE the first night we got there especially when I took it apart and tried to fis something not meant to be fixed! So she IMMEDIATELY stated I had to buy her a new one ASAP!

    So we had to find a Wal MART out there and she got a new DVD player. Actually, I gave her the one we HAD in the living room and put the new one in the living room since it loaded my home made DVD's faster than the other one.
    She gave me some attitude for that. But she still ended up with a better one than she had before...

    Kids these days!

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    i saw a show on the tube called growing up gotti or something. its a bunch of richies. the power went out and the stupid lady called the power company and said our powers been out for 5 minutes and they wanted something done!! lmao! your kids dont look like they'll grow up like that thank goodness, but please make sure they will change their furnace filter every month!!

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    Kid's demands today are directly proportional to the 'give-in factor of their parents.

    Personally, I was a totalitarian DRILL SGT. to my two boys.... and when they finally got me through training... they got their way.... What's a guy to do?

    Oh, and Payson you lucky Busturd... you got the HEAT on your vacation I Sooooooo crave!!! I was in an attic today, (9 hrs.)it was only about 105 deg. F. in there... and I basked in the dark, breathing in the 'blown in' insulation... as it was a windy 68 deg. F. outside. Sweat pouring off of me like I was raining... Had to exhale seven time to my one inhale because of the nasty insulation dust. Draggin control wires through an eighty foot span of joists at 16" centers - space was only 30" in height. Having to kneel on the 2x4 rafters so I didn't fall through the drywall ceiling (Sheet-rock). 9 trips through the ceiling space, as we were also pulling insulated flex into seven zones. Lost two Leatherman pliers in there today too! And the whole time, I was thinking... I would greatfully sacrifice all of this for an hour or two in a 140 deg. attic to service attic cooling units.

    Glad you are taking some time off for yourself... and your Bride and the little angels. Time well spent. Rejuvinate... and GET BACK AT IT!

    Take care.

    Teach the apprentices right... and learn from their questions and ideas.

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    Damn. Two lost tools in one day??? That's bad. Loosing a tool really bothers me for some reason. It's like I feel the need to investigate and find out WHAT HAPPENED to that tool!

    Anyway. I've got the rest of the week. Being lazy watching movies and the such.

    I went through my DVD's and reorganized them. Pulling the ones I ahevn't watched out and putting into the back of the DVD cases.

    The pile of 30 or 40 sitting there is what I haven't watched. Don't think I'll catch up this week either.

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    Originally posted by epacertified

    he don't know how to get there

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