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    Blower motor keeps going into thermal protection

    After LOTS of testing, I have come to the conclusion that my AC keeps cutting off because the blower motor is overheating. There are no blockages and the coil is as clean as a whistle. I grabbed my multimeter and tested the voltages at the wires, and here's what it read:

    blk wire - motor on: 105.5v, off: 121.8v
    red wire - motor on: 175.5v, off: 121.8v
    yel wire - motor on: 121.1v, off: 121.8v
    blu wire - motor on: 120.9v, off: 121.8v

    Do all of these seem normal? Will the motor and capacitor need replacing? Is there anything else I need to test?


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    Who knows? Lots to look at to make a determination as to what is happening. Could be motor and capacitor. Could be ductwork, could be lots of things. Call somebody out who knows what they're doing to determine. No info you gave will help make any determination as to your problem. And nobody on here can definitively answer your question 100% without seeing what is going on. Lots of no DIY posts to follow.
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    yeah, your going to have to test the cap. not telling you how. What is the amp draw on the motor? It might not even be the motor, could be alot of things. Did you say the outdoor unit is cutting out?

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    Yes those numbers are normal, maybe. Depending on what 2 points you're measuring between. Never mind, actually completely ignore my worthless post. I'm just being a smarta$$

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