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    Confused York service valve question

    I have to pump down and change out a York h2cb036s06a. I found at the service valves are not the allen type I am used to seeing. they had deep caps on them and when I took one off, there was a pin underneath. It seemed to move with the cap as if the tightening of the cap depressed the pin to open the valve. Is this correct. If this is, then I assume that taking the cap off will allow the pin to come up, sealing the valve. I didnt look that good cuz I didnt expect to have to deal with this unit, but it turned into a full system upgrade.

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    Take your recovery machine out and be done with it. You're gonna have to do it at some point when you recycle the old machine anyways. Save a step. If will probably only take an extra 15 minutes or so.
    I like DIY'ers. They pay better to fix.

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