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Thread: undercharged?

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    i recentley had 2 5 ton split a/c hooked up.both installed by different tech was suspicious of the others work and told me if the return line did not sweat it was undercharged.i then asked the other installer about this and he had told me that he had added an extra 4 ounces of gas for the extra run.he said that the factory specs for 15 feet of run was 9.7lbs and he had put in 10.1 lbs of gas,accorrding to him you should use 1/2 ounce of gas per extra foot of run and there is about 10 extra feet on that unit.

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    if your question is should it sweat depends on the dew point. is it charge right no way to know from here
    is it cooling or not and who ever installed it should know how to charge it. wiehging it in is the best way to start

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    There are other ways to know if your system is properly charged. If the suction line sweat or not, will not tell anything.

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    Wait just one second. Did you say the tech added 10.1 pounds of refrigerant or just an extra 4 ounces? The specs do show that a cond. unit has refrigerant for the first 15 feet but that is in cond already so if the tech added what the spec plate shows for 15 feet plus a little extra then you have 25 pounds of refrigerant in your system, that is a bit too much. And manufact data suggests 6 ounces of refrigerant for every 10 feet of lineset thats not including liquid line drier.

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    Originally posted by lmtd
    9.7 pounds of refrigerant for a 2.5 ton unit? ooofffff, I must be getting old.
    Its two, 5 tons. Your not getting old....

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