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    Hoping someone can validate what I was told about running a furnace fan blower. I have a 2 story house that typically stays cold in the basement, okay on the main level, and warm on the second level when the a/c is running. I was told to put the fan blower to "ON" instead of "AUTO" and just let it run all the time. I've done this for two days and the results are amazing. The basement is warmer, main floor still okay, and the upstairs cooler. The question/concern I have is if this could prematurely burn out the fan motor or cause any other problems by running it all the time. Appreciate any input/advice on this....thanks.

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    The wet coil on the off cycle adds a little humodity back to the home,and running the fan 24/7,will increase the electric bill.

    Sarting the fan is generally considered worse then running all the time.Now if it's an older unit,motor needs to be oiled ,has restrictive duct system,etc.,the motor could last longer in the auto position.

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    Thanks for the quick replyI expected an electric bill increase. I'm running dehumidifier in the basement, so should be all set there. The unit is 6 years old. Should I expect then, that running the fan all the time will potentially reduce the overall life expectency of the fan?

    Given all of the factors you have described, is running the fan all the time recommended?

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    On most systems, yes, it is more efficient ( both heating and cooling seasons) but NOT on high (fan on position)Best to run continuously on LOW speed. (pays dividends.)

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