Hi, I recently had installed an TWE031E13F Trane variable speed air handler (AC only attic system)with a Trane XL14i 2.5 ton compressor. Would someone be able to tell me if I should run it with the t stat in fan on mode or auto mode? I notice that auto mode cycles more to maintain the maintain temp. With fan on it seems to cycle less, plus the air in my house seems more comfortable.

Also once the set temp is acheived, what is normal compressor cycle times for 75-80 degree days with ~65-70 % humidity? My system seems to cycle for 8-9 minutes on and 8-9 minutes off. Basically it never comes out of Comfort R mode and doesn't need to run at 100% (unless I am recovering after having the system set to "away" while I am at work). Then it will run at 100%. The T stat is set to 3 CPH. I tried 2 CPH, and that let the blower ramp up to 100%. Which CPH do you recommend? Thanks in advance.