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    If you install a geo heat pump you need to get the hot water portion when you order it. Waterfurnace does not have a add on. The other thing is when it is finished check to make sure the hot water part it working again it goes back to the installer. I had one that was installed 3 years ago and the dip switch was not set when I went to work on it. The owner went all that time without it working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phogan View Post
    Ok here is the big question. Don't hold back.
    These are my choices

    Waterfurnace - installers are suppose to be good, lots of experience but not the best reputation to work with.

    GeoComfort - installers lots of experience, good at what they do and great to work with!

    Bosch - Have not met with the company that installs Bosch here yet.
    Should I?

    Are you sure?
    If yes, then it's obvious!

    But, have you seen the Load-Calc yet?
    Who knows what their doing, really?

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