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    Yeah, we got it pretty good here in North America... Although I never been to that area during my time as a soldier (Canadian), a good friend of mine was in Iraq during the Iran/Iraq crisis in late 80's... he used to send similar letters to me, I was his supervisor back at our unit. They had two compounds there. CanadaDry1 and CanadaDry2, he was in CD1 closer to the shit. The Iraq's were the 'good guys' and would spend all of their ammo throughout the night... shooting at shadows. My friend Dan, was there to teach them 'fire discipine' etc.
    He was a Communications tech. as well.

    Sounds hauntingly familiar.

    I'm pround of the US soldiers risking what they do. Canadians are there as well. A coalition of two countries with the same goal.

    Teach the apprentices right... and learn from their questions and ideas.

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