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    Okay maybe it was just too much pizza before going to bed.

    The dream went like this. "James was building a 4 unit apartment house. He called me up and asked me for a price to install 4-80% furnaces. I tell him. 5 mins. later the phone rings again. Now he wants to know how much it would cost to install 1- 90% and 3- 80% furnaces. So I tell him. 5mins later the phone rings again and he wants to know how much it would cost to install 2- 80% and 2-90% furnances. I say to my wife,'Why is he calling me for, why don't he install them himself?' She said something goofy. Then the clock radio went off.

    Okay all you Sigmund Frueds what the hell does all of this mean?

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    It means you better retire.

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    What is scary is that me and a friend have duplexes we have plans to build being draw right now. Cancel the 90%'s. You're too high.

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    Remember --- you asked!

    The 4 unit apt building represents your internal conflict with your attraction to James.

    The 1st apartment contains in it all the proper morals you were raised with. The others represent your flitration with entering into these apartments with what they have to offer, which is where James is.

    Each apartment represents a moral value with apt # 1 containing values that your were taught to be right and the rest of the apts contain morals that your are tempted to try.

    Notice that a time line appears in which James (your internal self) keep bargining with you to go his way..the 5 minute intervals is the established way of 'bargaining' you down with tempatation on your 1st apt morals that you were raised with.

    The installation of the 'furnaces' is quite apparent. No more needs to be said.

    Seems you have been saved, at least for now, though since you addressed this issue to your wife for guidance thereby turning back to a female after this interlude of temptation.

    So you chose a female over, well, not a female and you should be good through this winter at the least.

    But if you two are in Baltimore together the harbor may get hot and steamy so watch out.

    OR, maybe he didn't do a manual J load calculation and you are mad about that.
    "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers it can bribe the public with the public's own money.
    - Alexis de Toqueville, 1835

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    It means quit eating pizza before bed...

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    it means you have latent homosexual tendencies towards James.... Of course!

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    With Dice

    Originally posted by special ed
    it means you have latent homosexual tendencies towards James.... Of course!
    They would have a threesome!!!

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    latent homosexual tendencies are you saying there is no such thing as sensible homosexual tendencies?
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