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    We just had a new HVAC system installed. One is in our attic and cools the 2nd floor. The other is in our finished basement and cools the basement and 1st floor. The problem is the basement unit is VERY noisy. It is right next to a new media room. We are hoping that once furniture and area rugs are in, they will absorb some of the noise. However, we are putting in tile floors and will be stuck with what we have, noise and all, once they go in. Is there anything we can do to cut down on the sound of the system before we finish up the flooring?

    Also the 2nd floor unit thermostat is installed in the hallway. But because there is no AC output there it is hotter there than in our bedrooms (doors are closed at night. This means it is freezing in the bedrooms because it never shuts off. Our first floor air temp is set high during the night. We want them to move the thermostat into the Master Bedroom area so we do not have this problem. Is this usually where thermostats are located on the second floor?

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    the stat on the second floor i always put in the master bedroom so it is not affected by the first floor heat coming up the stairs. as far as the first floor noise what kind of noise are you hearing? if it is the return then have them install more to quite the unit down. if it is vibration then have them find out what is vibrating and fix it also put isulation pads under it

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    If the basement unit is in a closet or utility room, you could instll soundboard on the walls and ceilings.

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